Southeast asian arts forum 2019 The School of arts 17- 20 Juli 2019


Southeast asian arts forum 2019
The School of arts
17- 20 Juli 2019

“Arts as universal currency or cross cultural language”
18 July 2019 at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

Collaboration as Means to Discover the “Language” of Interdisciplinary Arts

The dissemination of cultural discourse along with creative developments that comes with it are no longer delineated by the barrier between academic and non-academic backgrounds. In the realm of artistic creation, both lanes feed off and grow with each other through an endless stream of dialogue. This dialogue is what makes collaborations possible.

I’ve grown as an artist through the spirit of collaboration. Ever since the late 1990s, I’ve been unable to distance myself from collaborative work, from one with the prominent Toronto-based collective “A Cross Ocean” in 1999 up until my recent collaboration with renowned Indonesian literary figure Goenawan Mohamad (GM) in 2018.

A myriad of collaborative experiences with choreographers, architects, dancers, writers, graphic designers, etc convinces me that the future of productivity in arts lies in interdisciplinary collaborations. At the moment, artistic ideas are growing exponentially and unpredictably. The practice of collaboration materialises the “language” that ties it all together.


Hanafi (b.1960) studied painting at the Indonesian School of Fine Arts (now the Indonesia Institute of the Arts) in Yogyakarta. Moving to Jakarta in the 1990s, where he currently lives and works, Hanafi soon gained a reputation for his luminous, abstract paintings which subtly convey the sense of an interior, meditative world.

From his art producing space on the lips of Pesanggrahan River, West Java, Indonesia, the questions Hanafi had in mind were “from where and to where were we going?” Hanafi answered the question by establishing Studio Hanafi in 1999 – a not-for-profit organisation and art space to develop a research-based social mechanism rooted in aesthetic values. Its vision is to fulfil the public needs through artistic initiatives.

Angel +65 9006 2551

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